Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Books for Sale!

Well, I haven't talked about drugs for a while so just as a quick reminder that I have a limited supply of my previous books, 
Spliffs 2: Further Adventures in Cannabis Culture and Spliffs 3: The Last Word in Cannabis Culture? for sale. Spliffs 2 is now out of print so this is a rare chance to grab a piece of stoner history! 

The books are £5.50 each

or £10 for the pair

(including postage and packing in the UK – Check with me for international deliveries). 

That’s a massive 44% off the RRP! Plus, I’ll sign each book with any personal inscription you like. Makes a great gift for the stoner in your life!
I’ll accept payment by PayPal or Cheque from the UK (please allow 10-14 days for delivery). For further details please email me at: tim.pilcher@ntlworld.com.

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Thursday, 24 July 2008


I've just been invited to an exciting event...

"Fiona Jerome and Hass Yusuf are joining forces to bring you Comics Friends Reunited! This will hopefully be an annual event where old friends from the wonderful world of comics can meet up.

Since the UK Comic Art Convention (UKCAC) ended ten years ago, there's been no regular outlet for creators or fans in London to meet up. UKCAC was the major event of the year that brought everyone together. With the recent deaths of a few good friends we've realised how many people we haven’t seen for years and met people in sad circumstances that we’d like to see more of. So we're hoping to remedy all that by hosting an annual, all day get-together in the centre of London.

Think of it as UKCAC without the bother of going to events, where you can eat, drink and chat all day long!


Day: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11th 2008


Time: Noon till 11.00pm

The Phoenix is a few minutes from Victoria Station.

We've booked the upstairs function room for exclusive use all day. We'll meet there throughout the afternoon. By early evening we'll take over the whole ground floor as well. If the weather's nice, there's also use of the garden. There's also plenty of space out front to mingle and have a fag.

Food will be available all day. Full Menu from 12.00pm-4.00pm and 7.00pm-10.00pm, with a limited menu of bar snacks between 4.00pm-7.00pm. There are good veggie options and decent gastropub standards as well as tapas style bar snacks. Don't be put off by reviews you read online, as the pub was recently completely revamped, and now has a decent range of beers and a good wine list as well as a bright and comfy interior.

We know it's a hassle for non-Londoners to attend but we've chosen this venue because it is so easy to get to. Make a weekend of it, bring the family and do some Christmas shopping!

If you think you can make it, please let us know. We might prepare some name badges - so we all know who we are.

Please feel free to let anyone else you know that you think might enjoy it, who isn't on this list (please see below), just ask them to drop us a quick line to 'register' so we've got an idea of numbers. We’ve lost touch with so many people over the years and we would love to see you all there! Remember - none of us are getting any younger! Renew those friendships!

Hass & Fiona"

Sounds great! All the "old guard" of British fandom reuniting once more. I'm old enough to remember and to have attended every UKCAC and a couple of GLASCACs as well and they were always great fun. In fact BICS has a similar vibe these days. I think this could be a really fun day. People who've been invited, (but might not necessarily come) include an amazingly diverse bunch of people from UKCAC organizers, professional creators, small press stars, comics journalists and leading lights of fandom such as:

Nigel Fletcher
Martin Hand
Andrew Littlefield
Martin Skidmore
Garry Leach
John McCrea
Andy Chiu
Richard Barker
Paul Hudson
Steve Marchant
Tim Selig
Rob Rudderham
Will Morgan
Mart Gray
Roger Gibson
Tony Lee
Peter Rubinstein
Mike Lake
Guy Lawley
Ed Hillyer
Woodrow Phoenix
David Lloyd
Nick Abadzis
Matt Brooker
Pete Ashton
Theo Clarke
Stuart Green
Gavin Burrows
Tim Bateman
John Innes
Jonathan Clements
Frank Plowright
Lee Brimicombe-Wood
Jenni Scott
Damian Cugley
Jeremy Dennis
Paul Johnson
Dave Gibbons
Frank Motler
Steve Holland
Peter Normanton
Paul Schoeder
Paul Gravett
Fiona Clements
Peter Duncan
Frank Wynne
Steve White
David Roach
Win Wiacek
Mark Farmer

I'll be there, hope you will be too! For the younger generation of comic fans, come and met your forefathers and learn some history!! ;-)
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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Erotic Comics: A Graphic History reviews

The book has been getting some great (if limited) press lately with TheFetishistas.com website saying "British author Tim Pilcher knows a thing or three about comics... the quality of this latest offering was never really in any doubt... Pilcher’s book does not disappoint. In 192 pages spanning from the prehistory of erotic art to the candid sexuality of 1960s/70s counterculture comix, we find much indeed to please the pervy sensibility... Of course one should not judge this book just by its visuals, fabulous though they are. Pilcher’s extremely readable copy puts artists and sub-genres into context with a confidence borne of depth of knowledge. This is enthusiast writing at its tightest and best, and your reward for reading the words that run around the pictures will be to discover all kinds of fascinating stuff you never knew about your favourite artists... His treatment of the broad subject is exemplary and only because this book is not totally devoted to fetish/BDSM have I docked a point off the maximum rating. 4/5" Which is nice! You can read the full review here.

Comic artist, Watchmen colourist, and all round general perv,
John Higgins called it: "...well written, well researched and well considered fun read with a lightness of touch that had a really neat educational tone." He also said a few other things I can't repeat here.

Others have said:
"...More than just a visual history, the book reads like a labor of love; images from pre-Depression nudie comics to modern-day Mexican sensacionales are presented along with insightful essays that make the book perfectly suitable for a coffee-table centerpiece..."—
Complex Magazine: The Original Buyer's Guide for Men

"Tim Pilcher's titillating new title, Erotic Comics: A Graphic History certainly covers the territory. Beginning with the salacious mosaics of antiquity—oh, those naughty Ancient Romans—and Japanese Shunga woodblocks, it travels through Hogarth's London and the ostensibly repressed Victorian era to the Tijuana Bibles of the 1930s, the rise of men's magazines following World War II and the underground "comix" era of the '70s."—

"Author Tim Pilcher 'with Gene Kannenberg, Jr.' delivers an academically heavy text in this chronological look at erotic art from antiquity to the counterculture comix of the 1960s. (Yes, there is text, a lot of it. There's also a foreword by comix star Aline Kominsky-Crumb.) But, no doubt about it, the pictures carry the day. Sexy? Yes. Erotic? Yes. Pruient? Well, yes. And your point? We're all adults here, and this reading material is a delight. It's art, I tell ya, it's art!"—Martin Zimmerman, SignOnSanDiego.com (Union Tribune online newspaper)

PS - The image above is a painting by the amazing John (Alexander Coutts) Willie, the writer, artist, editor , publisher and creator of the original Bizarre magazine and creator of Sweet Gwendoline.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

Watchmen Movie

Well, our first glimpse at the
movie is finally out on the web and the buzz is generally positive. On first watching the trailer, I was surprised at how downbeat the whole vibe was. A bit too much slow-mo camera work, but that was necessary to take in the panel reconstructions, which like Sin City are precise panel-for-panel recreations (which may or may not be a good thing). The music didn’t inspire me initially, not being a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins, but the mood grew on me with subsequent viewings.

It’s funny that when I first read Watchmen 21 years ago (Oy, I feel old) I always visualised it much brighter than the movie is, but with hindsight the story should have a dark, bleak atmosphere, as the nuclear clock ticks towards midnight. It’s funny I can clearly remember picking up #11 in the Virgin Megastore comics section—on one of my comic buying trips to London—and being left on tenterhooks for a whole month. I was paranoid I was going to miss #12 as they were flying off the shelves. Overall the film is looking pretty positive, but it could still turn crap in the end. Let’s hope not. Alan Moore will have nothing to do with it, which is fair enough, and Dave Gibbons is happy with it, and that’s good enough for me.

I’m a bit pissed off at DC Comics/Entertainment Weekly/iTunes who are offering the “animated” version of the first issue, narrated,
free. If you live in America. What are we? Chopped liver? I really resent this shit about exclusives only being available in the US. We live in a global market, but obviously Warner Bros. haven't realised this yet. Yeesh! Sort it out people, really. I’m sure it’s crap, but I’d to at least have the chance to make my own mind up about it.

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