Monday, 27 April 2009

Cover story

Had some amusing feedback recently from the sales reps of the UK distributor of Erotic Comics, regarding the cover to Volume 2 (below is the Skylight Editions version):

 They included gems such as:

“Ding Dong!”

“Saucy, but not so explicit as to worry buyers.”

“Not one single complaint. But there again, I didn’t show it to my church customers.”

And my personal favourite:

“Gives a really good indication of the filth within. Good for flushing out Samantha Fox fans”

For non-British readers Sam Fox was a Sun newspaper Page 3 glamour girl, who bared her breasts in the 1980s (this is considered a desirable career move for young girls, these days, apparently). Actually, I can’t think of another country where a national daily newspaper has naked women in it. Can someone prove me wrong? Fox went on to have a very dodgy singing career with such instant pop classics as “Touch Me.” 

Personally, I always preferred Linda Lusardi.


"Wake up" - Rage Against the Machine

Thursday, 23 April 2009

I Demand a Recount!!

I’ve just discovered that you can add any nomination into the Eisner Awards that you like. Seeing as I was unfortunate enough not to get on the shortlist by the judges (thanks for the correction, Jackie!), I’m asking very nicely for all you comic professionals, retailers, publishers and editors to vote for Erotic Comics: A Graphic History (Vol. 1) From Tijuana Bibles to Underground Comix in the Best Comics-Related Book category. There’s some pretty stiff competition, but let’s see if we can rig the polls and have a Brit win this section! ;-) Actually, this'd be a great test to see how many people actually read this blog as I really have no idea (but I'm starting to suspect it's more than 5)!

Simply register at:

And when voting click on the Write-in button for Best Comics-Related Book and type in: Erotic Comics: A Graphic History (Vol 1) by Tim Pilcher

And if you’d like to be nominated for an award, please let me know and I’ll return the favour! But hurry! Voting closes on 15 June 2009, 11 days after my 40th birthday—and winning an Eisner would be the best pressie of all! ;-) Go on, you know it mocks sense!

"Wake up" - Rage Against the Machine