Monday, 3 August 2009

The Rainbow Orchid - A Fresh Perspective

Garen Ewing's excellent book is a wonderful nostalgia trip for those who grew up on the likes of Herge. But what about the next generation of readers? The "graphic novel" is suppossed to have "all ages" appeal, but does it live up to those expectations? Here's a younger reader's review:

"A thrilling tale of the young Julius Chancer, on an exciting adventure to help Lily Lawrence a silent movie actress, and her dad, Lord Reginald Lawrence. Lord Lawrence makes a bet when he was drunk with the evil gangster-like businessman, Urkaz Grope. He bets on winning the Wembley Orchid Competition in which the Lord has no fear of losing as he won last year.

Realising what he has done—betting away a 12th Century sword that has been in his family for generations and holds the title of Lord—he seeks help from Sir Alfred Catesby-Grey to find the Rainbow Orchid!

I enjoyed this story very much. I think that at the end it could have been a more dramatic cliffhanger to give the story more suspense.

Over all I think this is an enjoyable story, clearly influenced by our long-loved Tintin. A must read!

Megan Pilcher-King, Age: 12"

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