Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Last Tuesday Society

Last Friday night I went up to London with me old mucker Dr. David Bramwell (seen above in his dapper brown suit), Paul Simmons and David's chum and artist, Jamie McCartney. David, me and Dave Mounfield were doing a "Catalyst Club on Tour" talk at the fantastic Last Tuesday Society in Hackney.

I thoroughly recommend that everyone should check out the building. Packed with bizarre oddities including a human skull that had allegedly been doodled on by Alastair Crowley, shrunken heads, and a mummified penis that was supposedly once owned by Oscar Wilde—it's a weird mix of the old curiosity shoppe, a Victorian freakshow, a Tim Burton film set, and a Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean comic. And the most amazing thing is that nearly everything is for sale! David picked up a lovely golden pig's snout.

The talks—David on the Damanhur time travelling community in Italy, Me on John Willie and his bondage comics and Dave on swearing—all went down very well and hopefully the Catalyst Club will be returning to The Last Tuesday Society soon.

Afterwards we were joined by the very lovely Hayley Campbell and we went for an interesting dinner where Jamie revealed his massive 4 year project to cast 360 women's genitalia for his Great Wall of Vagina! All-in-all a very bizarre and enjoyable evening!

You can hear more about the Last Tuesday Society on David's excellent radio show, The Haunted Moustache on BBC iPlayer here until 3 April. Check it out. Thanks to David for inviting me, and Suzette for being such a lovely hostess.

"Wake up" - Rage Against the Machine

Thursday, 4 March 2010

As Seen on TV

image for Cannabis.Britains.Secret.Farms.2010.WS.PDTV.XviD-aAF

I was watching the slightly anti-biased Cannabis: Britain's Secret Farms, presented by DJ Rickie Haywood-William (above) on the BBCiPlayer this evening where I was pleasantly surprised to see my books Spliffs 2 & 3 prominently displayed in the head shop Skunkworks in Brighton. Great advertising that would cost tons to pay for. The only problem is Spliffs 2 is out of print. Sigh. Still I have a few copies left and I can now sell it with the sticker: "As seen n TV"!

You can watch the documentary here until 10 March and the books appear at 37.16 into the program. It's worth watching if you have any interest in cannabis and the law. While there was one hysterical "Daily Mail" mother (Debra Bell) whose son smoked skunk for a while and so she "named and shamed" him in the press, there was a much more prosaic and sensitive mother (Kate Summers) whose son tragically committed suicide after skunk-induced psychosis. But as she points out "This can happen to some people. It doesn't happen to everyone, we know that. But it could happen and it can happen." [her emphasis] Kate had far more dignity, despite losing her son, than the ranty Debra, who came across as a self-righteous evangelist, justifying her actions "...It was personal empowerment. I had work to do."

People like that just fuel my fire.

"Wake up" - Rage Against the Machine