Thursday, 26 May 2011

...Icky Comics (UPDATED)

Sometimes seredipity is a wonderfully humourous event. Witness Volvox Globator's version of Erotic Comics: A Graphic History Vol 1, which in Czech is translated as Erotick√Ĺ Komiks, out now! If you happen to be in Prague. And speak Czech. It's translated by Radovan Zitko, who I'm sure has done an excellent job!
For those of you who are stuck in England and find you can no longer get hold of a hardback edition of Volume 1, panic no longer! The paperback edition is now out and you can buy it here. But you better get there fast, as they're flying off the virtual shelves!

And here's the cover to the Polish edition, Komiks Erotyczny: Historia W Obrazach Volume 1, which was just published in March 2011:
Best news of all, the German edition has just gone to reprint, so a big thank you to my publisher Knesbeck and all my deviant Deutschland fans out there! 

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