Wednesday, 16 June 2010

World Cup Cartoon Competition!

OK, admittedly I'm not the biggest fan of football so this is my one concession to the bloody World Cup that is dominating the the airwaves at the moment. Please note that they are only here because they are excellent cartoons and it has nothing to do with football!
All seven were created as free postcards by Simon Evans for the UK advertising agency, 
Boomerang Media.
They kind of remind me of Jacques Tardi's work, which is no bad thing!
 Personally, the sooner England gets knocked out and those bloody stupid flags disappear and we can all return back to normal, the better!
Now, if you can name all the players, and the country they play for, I'll send you some non-football related goodies. Simply send your answers in the format below:
Warrior = (full name, country team)
Magician = 
Genius =
L'enchanteur = 
Trickster = 
Saviour = 
Assassin = 

Don't forget your name, and email address. First person to post all the correct answers in the comments section wins!