Monday, 1 April 2013

Tripwire 2013

But enough about me and my Kickstarter project. Let's talk about a more imminent one that's only got 12 days left and hasn't made the halfway mark yet. Joel Meadow's Tripwire 21st Anniversary book is an incredible collection of "The best of..." including Frank Miller, Guillermo Del Toro, Mike Mignola, Joss Whedon, and the late Joe Kubert and Will Eisner. But it also has a huge amount of new material from practically every big name in the comic book industry: Drew Struzan, Mike Mignola, Phil Hale, Howard Chaykin,Frank Quitely, Walter Simonson, Dave Taylor and more!

Tripwire remains an important comics and related media magazine. Back when I started working at DC/Vertigo UK, editor/publisher, Joel was one of the first to interview Art Young and I about our forthcoming plans. The interview was harsh, but fair, and Tripwire earned a reputation for being quite antagonistic. It made Joel quite a few enemies, but to my mind that can only be a good thing. He published columns by Mark Millar and Grant Morrison, pissed off Peter Milligan and Alan Moore. Warren Ellis still won't talk to him. So that alone has got to whet your appetite to find out why? What has Tripwire revealed and discovered over the past two decades to ruffle so many feathers? The answers are only in The Tripwire 21st Anniversary book!

It's up to you to get your money out your pocket and pledge to make it happen. If you don't Joel will have to resort to selling his lilly-white ass in Soho again. So please, donate heavily (I have) and save Joel from a life on the game. Because no one wants that. Least of all, Ian Rankin:

"Hard to believe Tripwire is already 21 - and looking more youthful than ever. Still the coolest magazine on the planet,

and helping young and old alike fritter away their lives with the best coverage of comics, film, TV, and games. All hail, and here's to the next 21!"

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